Snowboard School

Snowboard beginner course 2 hrs.:

1. Basics

  • Getting to know the board
  • Goofy or regular?
  • Heelside & toeside (What is that?)
  • Basic use of equipment
  • Getting a feeling for the board
  • Basic position on the board
  • Learning how to safely fall and get back up

2. Gliding & slipping

  • "Scooting" one-foot
  • Gliding down the fall line
  • Reducing speed & stopping
  • Emergency stop
  • Gliding across the fall line
  • Side slipping
  • Falling leaf
  • Traverse
  • Garland

3. The first turns

  • Turns on the mountain


Snowboard follow-up course 2 hrs.:

1. Practicing and improving techniques

  • Short warm-up
  • Establish skill level of the group
  • Lift riding
  • Recognising and correcting typical mistakes
  • Different turn radiuses (large, small)
  • Learning to control speed and direction
  • Improving turn quality
  • From skidding to straight run

2. Practicing and improving turns

  • Getting to know different turn techniques
  • Turning with straight legs
  • Turning with bent legs

Registration for snowboard course
Opening hours, registration: 9:00-17:00

Registration & payment of the course fees
You can register for the snowboard course at the Upland ski rental shop at Wilddieb Dorfwiese

Location, registration:
Wilddieb Dorfwiese
vor den Weiden 3
D-34508 Willingen